Nearly 30 years of succesful outcome and experience is the back bone that positions us as a mexican law firm specialized in comercial and civil litigation, currently recognized as one among the best of its class, whose foundation dates back to 1988, through Alejandro Garcia Guadarrama’s initiative and, afterwrads, through Alejandro Rendon’s incorporation as a partner.


Who we are?



Garcia Guadarrama Abogados is one among a selected number of mexican purely litigation focused firms, proven as sufficiently qualified to lead procedures and trials that arise of conflicts in which the highest financial and/or corporate complexity underlie, included those that demand -besides fluent proficiency in legal English- actual previous litigation in foreign courts.

We are conformed by a team of law profesionals educated in the most prestigued mexican institutions and our functional cornerstone is to always achieve the satisfaction of those who pledge on us the litigous representation of their rights and interests, convinced that their positive spell of us will mantain our increasing prestigue and sustained growth.

As a Mexico City based litigation law firm, through the years G-G has devolped a network of alliances that enable us to nationwide provide the whole spectrum of our services.



Héctor Alejandro García Guadarrama

Héctor Alejandro García Guadarrama, obtained his J.D. with honours form the Escuela Libre de Derecho. His disertation paper was prized as and outsanding one, it versed about the protection of the rights of third non participant parties with respect to resoltions arising of appeals promoted against constitutional violations. Alejandro started his practice litigating at the legal department of the most important mexican bank of its time: BANAMEX. Afterwards he litigates as part of the legal departmanet of Compañía Minera Autlan (a leader firm of the mexican minning industry). He has always been devoted to comercial and civil litigation. He complemented his legal education through specialization courses at the National Autonomous University of Mexico and the Institute of Judicial Training of Mexico City’s Supreme Court; besides, he taught Civil Law at Universidad del Nuevo Mundo.





Matías Alejandro Rendón Becerril

Matías Alejandro Rendón Becerril (Mexico City), outstanded at his class in pursuance of a JD also from the Escueal Libre de Derecho. Through mote than eight yeras of practice he has earned a vast experience in litigating commercial, civil, and familiy affairs and, as well, has litigated in constitutional cases arising, both, from non observance of due process of law and unconstitutionality of international treaties, domestic laws and regulations. In the academia, Alejandro Rendon has pioneered in Mexico in the study of the profesional soccer player representation agreement, in the frame of the mexican legal system while, himself, has succesfully acted as representative of players of such profesional sport. He has been admitted to the coming certification programs, respectivel, of both: the International Federation of Soccer (FIFA) and the the FEMEXFUT (Federación Mexicana de Futbol).



Rosa Isela Padilla Buendía

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México


Edgar Odín González Yong

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

A more detailed overview of our practice


Commercial and civil litigation in Mexico mainly comprises trials that are fully processed and solved by members of the judiciary branch. Disputes of such specialities include breach of contracts, unlawful enrichment, torts, insolvency proceedings, bankrupticies, trust, wills and property affairs, as well as divorces and other family law controversies.


Normally in Mexico three judiciary instances (two local and one federal) lead to a resolutions being all of them, but particularly the third one, frankly laberynthical since, in most cases, the federal courts issue resolutions for purposes of reposition of process that do not include ab initio a judgement of the dispute itself, and afterwards they solve such dispute.


The firm’s services as members of nationwide bars, include all of the above mentioned litigation capabilities at standards of high success, witnessed not just by our clientele but even recognized by some of our former counterparties.

Our premises

Conveniently situated in the well communicated and centrical Mexico City´s Del Valle borough, our premises are ideal to allocate jointly our staff and attorneys very close to the courthouses district; namely: At minutes distance.


Also, our offices enable hosting our clients in the conditions it deserves plus offering them the option of meeting in pre-trial or negotiation with its counterparts.





San Francisco 2-102, Col. del Valle, CDMX, C.P.03100